About Us

GamEvolution is a site created by gamers for gamers. We have the hope of providing you with some of the latest and best reviews for games, movies and tech.

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Our Team:


Akhil Malhotra – Founder 

Gamertag – Akhilmal

Twitter – Akhilmalhotra

As the founder of GamEvolution Akhil deals with everything behind the scenes such as the website development. Akhil considers himself to be pretty good at games and this proves to make him an angry gamer when he loses! He loves his FPS games with some RPG games throw in there as well, and his favourite game is Borderlands! Akhil’s other hobbies include cricket, tennis and squash.






Arjun Malhotra – Editor

Gamertag – Coc0pops

Twitter – resde34

Arjun is what some people call the backbone of the site. He basically keeps Akhil in check by telling him he doesn’t need to worry so much! Arjun deals with most of the writing and therefore is quite a hardcore gamer! He enjoys anything that isn’t too serious and can be played with more than one person. He has a love for strategy and sports games, and has also been known to have a go at Halo as well.





William Kosh – Editor

Twitter – WillKosh

Will has been with us for a long time. He’s written books, interviewed musicians and watched movies, and is currently our “everything but gaming” correspondent. Will is from the U.S., hence his odd accent and massive appreciation for our way of life.


Olly Downing – Chief Writer

PSN – Ollyd14

Twitter – Ojdowning

Olly is the newest addition to the GamEvolution team. 19 and a Swansea University student. With a busy lifestyle balancing Sport, work, socialising and uni, he loves  nothing more than crawling into his man cave be absorbed by an RPG or FPS such as Assassins Creed or FarCry. Huge fan of all sports games although controversially not Fifa.