New Game of Thrones Footage Thrills, Chills, Arouses

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Fans of That Show that’s Like The West Wing With Dragons are rejoicing across the internet today. Sure, all the excitement is over about 5 seconds of footage, but for fans of the books those 5 seconds contained a few bits of info that might help them work out just where the popular HBO series is heading next.

The footage is contained in the two clips embedded below. I’ll talk a little more about potential spoilers at the bottom of the page, and you can check out my article on the craziest Game of Thrones theories here, on Cracked.


    A few things stand out here from the perspective of someone who is familiar with the books and who has wasted a significant amount of their life on and the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

    First off, we only see Cersei Lannister shot from the neck up. That might be because we’re seeing the Walk of Shame scene from A Feast for Crows here, which would mean that the subplot about the sparrows and the militarization of the Faith of the Seven will make it into season five.

    That’s not so surprising, but the footage of Cersei’s brother and Special Friend Jaime came with a shock. From the look of the set, Jaime seems to be in Dorne fighting the Sand Snakes, characters that also appear in A Feast For Crows but do so in an entirely different context. Jaime and Bronn heading off to have their own adventure in Dorne could have a serious ripple effect throughout the rest of the plot. Brienne’s, Cersei’s and even Daenerys’ stories could be irreversibly changed by this.

    Other than that… Everything looks pretty “by the books” so to speak. Tyrion will escape his box and Jon will fight some bad guys, just like we expected. Still, it seems clear that this season of GoT will continue to diverge from the books and go off in its own direction, for better or for worse.


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