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So today we ran an article on the medieval bulldozer known as the Mongol Empire. The Mongols flattened everything in their, path from China to what’s now Afghanistan and beyond, but is the fallout of the Mongol invasions especially relevant to modern gaming?

No, no it is not. But Akhil is busy and I’m a free spirit, so what the hell. It’s Mongol day here on Gamevolution.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself what sort of music you should listen to while spending the day learning about the steppe’s mightiest warriors and their impact on everyday life. My first instinct was to try rap. The Mongols had what’s known as “swag” after all, so it’s not difficult to imagine that they might have embraced hip-hop had someone presented it to them between massacres.

Makes sense, right? But, on the other hand, listening to rap requires us to project onto the Mongol warriors themselves. This poses a problem, at least for for me, since I’m about the furthest thing from a hardened fighter there is. (And, let’s be honest, if you read this site regularly, so are you.) If I quantum leaped back into Mongol times, I’d probably be more comfortable in the body of a cowering villager moments away from being disemboweled than I would be as a Mongol conqueror. So, we need something that has a lot of testosterone and intensity, but that’s also bleak and apocalyptic.
Unfathomed 2

Ahh. There it is. Death metal.

From here, I’m going to heartily endorse Texas’ own Unfathomed Of Abyss (isn’t that an enticingly Lovecraftian name?) as the official band of reading about Mongol conquest on Gamevolution. Their new album, Arisen Upon Oblivion, recorded in an effort to “capture the horror, the malevolence and majesty of the universe,” is just nightmarishly intense enough to simulate some of that disembowled-villager-terror. The lyrics are also nihilistic enough to numb one’s soul against the effect that dozens of bloody battles and hunger-mad sieges can have on more feeble readers, helping to prevent fatigue! Uber-metalhead and Unfathomed Of Abyss mastermind Kevin Price cut this album from over three hours of content-that he and the rest of the band recorded over the course of 14 years-down to fifty six minutes of the most unerringly black metal you’ve ever heard.

If this all sounds too intense, you can take this link over to Tumblr. They probably have some memes of David Tennant frowning that are more your speed. But, if you like what you see, take these links (to the Mongol article and Arises Upon Oblivion) and we’ll show you just how deep the Abyss goes.

I will leave you with this Mongol farewell, often uttered in the moments before a warrior snuffed the life out of a vanquished enemy:

“GO with God’s curse, for if he LOVED YOU as he LOVES ME, he would have provided for you.”

Told you they knew how to have a good time.


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