The Voices of Terror

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Ah, New Jersey. Home of Bruce Springsteen, the Secret Stash and the New Brunswick punk scene. Oh, and now these dudes.

They'll fit right in.

They’ll fit right in.

I’ve already talked about how we’re due for a “good version” of Nu Metal to emerge, but in that article I focused on a metal band that occasionally tossed in a verse or two of rap. The Voices of Terror are the opposite side of the coin, a hip hop duo that incorporates heavy metal tropes to create a messy, jagged-edged sort of sound.

It’s not hard to reverse-engineer this band and figure out the basic components of their influences. Dr. Dre, and the Notorious B.I.G. make up the foundation. Heavy metals are sort of used as a garnish.

I’ll restrain myself from repeating my rant on why rap-metal is a taboo (i.e. why we like Metallica and like Dr. Dre but see it as a red flag when someone mixes them together) in favor of just inform you of this: Voices of Terror are a solid rap outfit. Their new album (which you can stream here on Bandcamp) is eleven tracks of original hip-hop. The instrumentals are functional, but mostly just window dressing for Mike Walker and Zero’s verses.

Content-hungry hip hop heads should absolutely check them out. Metalheads, proceed with caution by first streaming Warning, a single from the new album, below.


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