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Well, take this however you will, but the minute I first heard EndAnd, two words popped into my mind: Bad Religion.

I mean that as a compliment. I really like Bad Religion. (Hearing them play this song live was one of the best moments of my concertgoing life.) You may hear it as a slight. You might have been listening to Blink 182 in those days. That’s fine. I’m not telling you what to think.

In any case, this Brooklyn-based quartet has a new album out, Fun Times For Shitty People (which we’ll let you stream through Soundcloud below) and it’s a damn good listen.

This is the sort of punk that was bigger five or ten years ago (feel old yet? I do.) but it’s refreshing to hear it now. It’s authentic, and the best punk always seem to be the punk that’s the least concerned with “how punk” it is or how much “D.I.Y. cred” it has. (I feel like that’s the new “thing.”) And the politics are basic, angry, and vague enough to embrace without reservation. “Man would give his right testicle for democracy, but certainly not his money!”? Right on, I can get behind that.

So rage against Tuesday with the new album here on Gamevolution. (I’ll be listening while I work on a project for another site. After that I might switch to Xombie. Side note: is anyone else still listening to Xombie? It can’t just be me.)


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