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Yeah, that featured image is pretty blurry. But it’s important. Historically speaking I mean. It’s a photo of site-founder Akhil and me at the Taj Hotel in Bangalore and it is the only known evidence of the two of us ever having existed in the same physical space. I was a lowly contributing intern at the New Indian Express. He was a swaggering libertine with a voice like a Frank Turner song. It was-well, it was mild dislike at first like, but we grew to like each other quickly enough.

We’ve been running this site from across the Atlantic for three years now, with Akhil in the U.K. and me all over the place. (First in Wisconsin, then on Long Island, then Chicago and now West Mighigan.)

And y’know what? We love it. I mean, at least I do. I’ve got to imagine Akhil feels the same way, or else he would have walked away from the mountain of work that keeping this place running represents (even at minimum capacity) and let the damn thing die.

Still, sometimes the site gets sidelined. Last year I was working full time and taking online classes, so the weight of running the site fell pretty much completely on Akhil. Now he’s in Grad School. (Congrats by the way buddy.) That makes things tough, since I’m swamped with other projects too.

Here's what a typical work day looks like for me.

Here’s what a typical work day looks like for me.

Here’s where you come in. If you’re an aspiring writer, or just someone who has an original thought about gaming or pop culture you want to share with the world, tell us. Write us an article. Hell, write us the short pitch for an article, and if we like it, we’ll walk you through the process of editing it and posting it on the site.

To answer your next question… No, we can’t pay you. Sorry. I’m a starving artist and Akhil is a student, so we’re just barely scraping by ourselves. I still encourage you to submit though, since, unfortunately, almost no one is going to be able to pay you much of anything in your early days as a writer. And, if it’s any consolation, I wasn’t making ANY money when we started out on Gamevolution. I mean, I’m still not exactly a Rockefeller, but I make about a hundred bucks a month of gravy-money a month, and once in a while I get published on sites like Cracked and Innerview.

I guess my point is that you’ve got to start somewhere.

If you’re not a writer by trade, we sort of don’t care. If you want to review a movie or talk about retro gaming or even just rage against the machine for a few paragraphs, LET US KNOW. Use Gamevolution as a platform to get things off your chest. YOU HEAR THAT THE-ONE-GUY-WHO-HATES-THE-AVENGERS-AND-LOVED-QUAUNTUM-OF-SOLACE? WE WANT YOU!

So give it a shot. Shoot an E-mail to with your ideas and submissions. We’ll figure things out from there.


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