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I know you hip kids don’t think of Salt Lake City as a place you’d look for slick new music, but if you do a little digging a town like Salt Lake can be as crisp and happening as a Moorhead, Minnesota or a Grand Rapids, Michigan. I mean it! Just look at Larusso, a band so mirrored-shades-wearingly cool you’d swear that they came from the leather-jacket-donningly mean streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pictured: Milwaukee, every day.

Pictured: Milwaukee, every day.


Larusso sounds like one of the better bands you used to read about in AP Magazine. It’s introspective, driving around and feeling sort of sorry for yourself music. If you don’t believe me, check out this statement from the band about Life in Static, the new album:

Larusso has always been rooted in the belief that we, as individuals, can and will overcome the struggles and turmoil that we face in our day to day lives. Life in Static is a conceptual testament to this idea; it speaks to our nature as human beings, our hopes, strengths, downfalls, heartaches, and adversities. We want our listeners to take away one simple message from this record: We can always rise above and conquer; we can hear through the static in the background that we are invincible.

Everybody needs that sort of music. I usually use Andrew Jackson Jihad, but I could absolutely see myself falling deeply in music-love with Larusso in an alternate universe where I discovered them first.

I don’t have a full album for you this time around, but you can stream a song from the new album on Soundcloud. If it sounds like your thing, track down a copy of Life in Static, pop it in the CD player and just drive until you feel better.


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