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Note: I sat here for twenty-some minutes trying to think of a joke about how listening to Geiko can save you 15% or more on car insurance that wasn’t hacky. There isn’t one. Trust me. Unless there is. If you think of one, let me know @WillKosh on Twitter.

Anywho. Geiko is pretty cool. There are some electronic elements to the music, but there’s also some angsty, 90s sincerity that makes her sound like one of the bands that played The Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I’ve been using Keep it Healthy by the band Warpaint to get my pseudo-90s fix lately, but now I’ve got options.)

Check out Aggressive, Geiko’s new album, on Soundcloud below. She really does cover a lot of the territory between grunge and electronic, so it’s interesting to try to work out where on the spectrum each song is going to fall. (If they fall on the spectrum at all. Check out Dance With The Mushrooms first. It sounds like William S. Burroughs and Hunter Thompson making sweet love in an ether-bath.)

optimized-maxW950-HunterThomson.inMexicanBarWilliam Burroughs
(Here’s this in case you’re having trouble picturing it.)

Now, flush that nightmare-fuel out of your brain by streaming You’re My Highway on Soundcloud! See what we did there? You can stream the rest of the album here.


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