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Ana Batista, lead singer of Heylel, sort of sounds like Amy Lee from Evanescence. Which reminds me, remember Evanescence? What happened to those guys?

Nobody knows where they went? Really? Well, in any case, Heylel’s new album, Nebulae, is pretty nifty if I do say so myself. It plays with sludge metal, experiments with stoner rock and overlays the whole thing with some cool, vaguely latin guitar riffs. (Seriously, it sort of sounds like Pantera had a baby with a Spanish folk song sometimes.) It’s all a little underproduced (which becomes a lot more obvious when you start watching their videos) but the band does a lot with what it has.

The aforementioned latin-sounding guitar probably has something to do with the fact that Heylel is from Portugal. Portugal doesn’t necessarily spring to mind when one thinks of havens for heavy metal, but I’ve always been a big advocate of looking for this genre in all the weirdest places. (Consider Red Fang, who thinks I matter, in Portland or the massive, oft-overlooked scene in India.)

You can stream the album on Soundcloud below, or you can buy it from iTunes Above, because Steve Jobs is in heaven now. Just kidding! He’s the Anti-Christ.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, Nebulae is pretty damn good and you should listen to it. One last thought… Since this is a gaming website frequented by nerds, it is also worth noting that one of Heyelel’s best songs, Watcher of the Light sounds really similar to the theme song from The Bakura Show.

…Which is a compliment by the way, since he’s the most metal anime character who could possibly exist. I mean look at that hair. Look at it while you listen to Nebulae. And despair.


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