Aubergine MACHINE

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Is “future garage” a genre? You decide dear reader.

Aubergine MACHINE is a sort of “pop-electronica” band, a club music mongrel. You wouldn’t pop in an Aubergine MACHINE album on a rainy afternoon that you intend to spend sitting in a rocking chair and staring out at a field of wheat, but hell, you’ve got Fleet Foxes for that. Aubergine MACHINE is more like “hang on, let me finish downloading this anime torrent” music.

I have a funny relationship with clubby, electronic music. I would never mention a band like Aubergine MACHINE if someone were to ask me what I’d been listening to lately, but confronted with it directly I’m forced to admit that nothing gets me bobbing my head like that Evacuate the Dance Floor song. I find that song so catchy that it sort of ruins my day when I hear it.

Anyway, you can stream Aubergine MACHINE’s Hostage below. Feel free to hop around with glow sticks or just get some work done while you listen-either is acceptable. We at Gamevolution don’t judge.


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