How to utilise Xbox One’s Game DVR properly

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So you’ve got your self an Xbox One and some sweet new games. You’re having a really good round on Battlefield 4, or have just set a record lap on Forza 5 and don’t wish to lose it. Well guess what, you don’t have to. Your Xbox One has an inbuilt game DVR feature which will let you record the last 5 minutes of the game. It seems the feature to record your last 30 seconds is pretty well documented where you just shout “Xbox record that” at your kinect and voila its done, but this one is less well known. In fact it was Xbox Live’s AceyBongos who pointed out how easy it was!

So here is a quick 4 step guide on how to do it:

1) Do something sweet.

2) Say “Snap Game DVR” followed by ‘End Clip Now’ and then “Record last 30 seconds / 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes”.

3) Go to upload studio after you’ve finished playing and either edit the clip or just upload it straight to OneDrive.

4) Share the link with your friends

The only downside we could see to this is that to use the upload functionality you will need an Xbox Live Gold membership.

You will also, hopefully, be seeing a lot more video content from us!

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