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This is a review we have spent a long time thinking about. Not because we had a lot of features or opinions that we wanted to address but because we really didn’t know how we feel about Battlefield 4. Thats normally an issue when you’re trying to tell people what you think about a game. Let me start off with saying we expected a lot from the game with all its Levolution, 64 player maps and amazing ability to play any way you would like.

The review will have 2 sections each with their own rating. Singleplayer and multiplayer let us start with the single player.


Battlefield games are not renowned for their single player exploits, however we feel that DICE could have put a bit more time on to what is a dull story line. The basic premise of the story is you are part of an elite squad attempting to stop a massive conflict between the US, China and Russia, I don’t think there was ever a lot of explanation as to what was going on though. During this time you drive a tank, shoot out chopper pilots, escape from a sinking car and blow up a battleship. Sounds epic right? Well the bits in-between are the issue. Those are the moments where the explanation to what is really happening should occur. Instead we ended up playing the story through and wondering what really just happened. There were conflicts between some of your squad which at points I didn’t really understand.

This was an issue for us as we really wanted to enjoy the story, it promised us better links with the multiplayer and we really loved the multiplayer. You earn weapons and dog tags for your multiplayer soldier just by hitting certain scores on each level.

Singlplayer Score – 6/10


Battlefield 4 makes its name on its huge multiplayer. In fact we would go as far as recommending the game solely for its multiplayer. DICE have ironed out a large amount of the issues from the launch of Battlefield and now the game plays just as they would like it to.

Levolution plays a huge part in the game and can actually change how teams tackle objectives and can completely change the battle. They also look spectacular on the next-gen consoles.

Along with being able to collapse almost any building you can drive pretty much any vehicle and fire a plethora of guns. At one point there were 2 of us on a quad bike in an elevator going to the top of the tower in siege of shanghai. It did not end well for us as they definitely saw us coming and fired an RPG straight at us. The next time we decided we would parachute down and instead of bothering to actually killing people we placed a load of c4 and jumped down blowing the huge tower to the ground. That was pretty cool, and I can’t think of many other games where you can do something so obscenely cool.

That is where Battlefield 4 makes its mark on gaming. Amazing moments like that. Hell we loved them so much we’ve put a video down below for you to gawk at. Bear in mind it is a promotional video by the Battlefield team themselves, but we vouch for the awesomeness it contains.

Even with all this amazing stuff you can do there were a few issues with it, such as it being pretty hard to work out how to search for a game as a party, with no onscreen indication of whether it was searching as a party or individually. We would have like an option to open a private party in a menu, and then search directly from there. We felt they’ve streamlined it too much for a casual gamer and their friends.

All in all we loved the Battlefield 4 multiplayer, and felt that this was one thing we kept coming back to.

Multiplayer Score – 8/10

Review Overview
  • Singleplayer6
  • Multiplayer8
  • Graphics/Gameplay8

Battlefield 4 is an amazing game to play with friends for some superb moments which are hard to recreate anywhere else. We would thoroughly recommend it for next-gen console owners solely for its multiplayer. The game has some superb graphics and plays pretty smoothly which is exactly what we expect from such a high profile game.

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