A Peek at a Script for Suicide Squad

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The Suicide Squad is, if nothing else, a great premise.

A band of villains from the D.C. comics universe, (home to Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League) are arrested and detained by fed-up bureaucrat Amanda Waller. The rogues undergo a surgery in which powerful, radio controlled explosives are implanted into their bodies and then forced at remote-point to complete deadly missions as deniable assets for the U.S. government. It’s a little high concept, but this is comics. Marvel has a movie coming out about a raccoon with a railgun. Just roll with it.

So, it’s exciting to see this small but fun bit of a screenplay posted on www.comicbookmovie.com. Despite a somewhat confusing opening (that would probably make a lot more sense on screen than it does on the page) this is all shaping up to look pretty interesting. We’re introduced to the sniper Deadshot, probably the fan-favorite of the squad, and Waller, the project’s no-nonsense founder mentioned above. It looks like the “big three” characters in this hypothetical production would be Deadshot, Vixen and Boomerang-The New 52 Suicide Squad lineup featuring Harley Quinn seems to be being largely ignored, for better or worse.


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