Celebrate the Raid II Trailer with a Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

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In celebration of our obsession with the insanely gruesome trailer for The Raid II: Berandal, we’ve decided to sharpen you up with a few of our favorite cinematic fight scenes.

If you experience creeping numbness or a fluttering sensation in your chest while viewing these videos, remain calm. This is just desensitization in progress.

The Hammer Fight from Oldboy

It’s a testimony to this Korean film’s greatness that this savage beating, almost all of which takes place in one continuous tracking shot, is probably the third most memorable moment of the movie, after that gut wrenching ending and… y’know, the squid thing.

We see one guy beat the crap out of 20 other guys in movies all the time, but we’re almost always required to suspend disbelief. Not this time. Protagonist Oh-Dae Su, fueled by rage and pain, bashes through a medium sized criminal gang with a hammer, and what’s more, we actually buy it.

The Court Fight from Five Deadly Venoms

Hopefully that Oldboy clip quenched any craving you had for realism, because this scene from Kung-Fu classic Five Deadly Venoms is a masterpiece of surreal brutality. As if the actual fight wasn’t violent enough, it begins and ends with one of the warriors in an iron maiden. Still, Five Deadly is a relatively little-known movie among casual cinephiles but a favorite of martial arts fans. Watch the whole movie here to see more fights like this and to make sense of like half of the Wu-Tang Clan lyrics you never understood. Seriously, they reference this movie almost constantly.

Dabangg Opening Scene Fight

And here we complete our journey from “sort of belivable” to “absolutely insane.” What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Dabangg is an unhinged action musical starring Salman Khan that you’ve never heard of but that is a huge deal in India. It might look a little silly to you, and look, you’re not wrong, but it’s worth remembering that one of your favorite movies is about a guy in a rubber bat-suit beating up on a masochist clown.

Anyway, in this scene we see our protagonist Chulbul Pandey beating the ever living shit out of some mobsters with a fire hose and looking completely awesome while he does it. (Nice aviators Chulbul.) At one point someone’s cell phone starts to ring and Pandey is so stricken by the rhythm that he breaks into a dance number. This is a movie that abides by broadway musical rules even when it’s beating the ever living shit out of mobsters with a fire hose.

This all of course begs the question: could Pandey and his firehose beat Oh-Dae Su and his hammer? Tweet your fanfics to @gamevolution_uk, and remember, if you didn’t pick Oh-Dae Su to win, you are wrong. Seriously, watch the clip again.

Look for The Raid II in theaters in 2014, and check out my review of the first Raid movie here. Also read my review of director Gareth Evans’ horror short “Safe Haven” here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Safe Haven is pure nightmare-fuel. Watch a clip here if you have a strong stomach.


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