Splinter Cell Trailer Round Up

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So I thought a good idea to commemorate the release of Splinter Cell Blacklist in the next few days would be a round up of all the trailers that we’ve had so far. If Ubisoft release any more I’ll update this post with them on.

So let us start off with the first trailer they released all the way in January this year:

This trailer announces what the blacklist is and what Sam’s mission is.

The next trailer shows off some off Sam’s abilities:

Not much to say except it look pretty bad ass.

Now we have the trailer which lets us see how the Wii U can be used to play Splinter Cell in its own unique way:

Looks like a very innovative way to use the gamepad that you get with the Wii U.

Now for a versus mulitplayer trailer:

Spies vs Mercs is back!! I am definitely excited about this game mode, looks like a great time!

Co-op trailer time:

I loved co-op in the earlier splinter cell games and I am a big believer in it, so this could be a very cool mode in when the game comes out.

Lets have a look now at the E3 trailer:

Cool right? Not much else to say about it.

The next trailer lets us see Sam Fisher kill more people. Fun:

I’m  pretty scared of him right now.

The next trailer is the final one I can find:

This trailer is my favourite of all of them as it really shows us how we can play Splinter Cell.

Well that is all for now, if you dont know what Splinter Cell Blacklist is by now then I am worried for you! The game is out this Friday so look out for it then!

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