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So the people at Deep Silver have thought it a good idea to make a full size replica of the Dubstep gun from Saints Row IV. I’ve put the press release which has all the details of this replica weapon.

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Fall in wub with Saints Row team’s volume-cranking replica in-game weapon
From the people that brought you a 4ft Dildo Bat

To fanfare the launch of Saints Row IV in style, Deep Silver has been working until their ear drums bleed to create a full size replica of one of the most popular weapons within the game. The Dubstep Gun has been lovingly recreated by a dedicated team making what has to be one of the best replica videogame weapons ever made.
The replica is fully functional*, measures more than a meter in length and weighs 3½KG.  With four inputs, trigger activated play and pause and touch button control panel, the Dubstep Gun is designed to allow everything from the hardest hitting dubstep tracks to 80’s classics to be played loud and proud with a maximum of ease. The term ‘Ghetto Blaster’ has never been so apt!   
The technical features are:
·        Four inputs
·     Line in, SD card, 2 USB ports and radio connectivity
·     Pre-loaded SD card with authentic Saints Row IV dubstep tracks
·     Powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery providing an hour of use
·     Touch Button controls
·     Additional trigger activated play and pause function
·     Custom pearlescent finish
·     Multitude of jazzy lights
·     Black custom case finished in aluminum to keep the gun safe when not in useOnly three of these custom made, hand built beauties will be made, but Saints Row fans do not despair, stay tuned for details of how to own your own Dubstep Gun, and drop  enemies like a dirty bassline.

*the dubstep gun will not cause death or injury when used correctly, that’s just in the game, but it will make people dance.  Please dance responsibly.

Saints Row IV launches August 20th, 2013 across North and Latin America and August 23rd in the rest of the world. For more information please visit: 


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