Jef Barbara

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Aw, what’s the matter? Not used to talking about the cross-dressing club scene this early in the day? Well, suck it up and grit your teeth because we’re going in and you’re gonna like it damnit.

Jef Barbara is an underground musician from Montreal that you’ve never heard of. Barbara’s music is charged by electronica, peppered with French 201 and marinated in sexuality. Put simply, you’re either going to like this or you’re not, because it isn’t the sort of music that expends energy recruiting casual fans. (Making this a pretty steep departure from previous QuickLook spotlights, but whatever. Barbara has has drawn lofty comparisons to Daft Punk and David Bowie, so at the very least this is worth worth checking out.)

If you haven’t retained any of your high school French but you like what you hear, good news: Barbara’s new album coming out from Montreal’s Club Roll label in October is primarily in English. (Tough to argue against cultural homogenization when it’s working in your favor, eh?) The tour will last through fall, so if you’re interested in an evening of snarly avante garde club music head down to one of his shows and tell em’ “Will sent you.” They won’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but it’ll be funny. Here’s a taste of the new stuff that premeired a few days back on Brooklyn Vegan.

(Featured image shamelessly stolen from the Jef Barbara Tumblr account. )


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