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A few more weeks to go till Saints Row 4 is released by Deep Silver. Personally I cannot wait. I love the mayhem of Steelport, and the craziness that goes with being the leader of the Saints so this definitely promises to be one of my titles of the year.

Below is the latest trailer from Saints Row 4.

In other news, Saints Row 4 has gone gold. So you can all now preorder season passes, if thats your style that is. The game is out on the 20th of August on all consoles and PC.

Heres the accompanying press release.

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Saints Row IV Goes Gold, Season Pass DLC Plans Revealed

Publisher Deep Silver revealed today that the upcoming, over-the-top, open-world action game Saints Row IV has gone gold and fans are now able to pre-order a season pass for the planned downloadable content (DLC) for EUR 9,99 / £ 7.99 at participating retailers.  The Season Pass for the much awaited Saints Row IV from developer Volition will include two brand-new mission packs and the Season Pass-exclusive “Rectifier” anal probe weapon, which will help you, the President of the United States, get the ‘inside’ information from your enemies as you save Earth from a dangerous alien infestation.

Included in the Season Pass is the Director’s Cut of the previously announced “Enter the Dominatrix” DLC,  a tongue-in-cheek vision of what this content was originally going to be like, along with a second mission pack coming in late 2013.

Season Passes will be available for purchase on all platforms and include  upcoming add-on content worth more than EUR 15 / £ 12. Saints Row IV launches on current-gen consoles and PC on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in the rest of the world. 


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