Review – Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII

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As far as flight simulators and air combat games go, Damage inc will definitely not be the prettiest thing you’ll ever meet. The graphics are bland and almost unfinished, detail and polish were seemingly sacrificed to better a different department. Unfortunately after playing Damage Inc, I can’t see where the production time was spent.

That’s not to say the game is terrible, it’s just not enjoyable. Missions are often so alike that it is almost impossible to differentiate the one you’ve just completed to the one you’re about to face. Defending objectives against waves of enemy planes soon loses its appeal and that’s when things start to get really boring. Any hope of the story carrying the game was soon shattered, from lackluster voice acting to an over used story of “the brother killed at war” I never felt immersed while playing Damage inc, and it’s hard to establish personal relations with a protagonist, when all you really want to do is plough the aircraft straight into the dock at Pearl Harbour to stop him talking.

However, this game is produced by MadCatz interactive, who some may recognise as being a gaming peripheral company. It is clear therefore that the main purpose of Damage inc is to test out their new AV8R flight stick. Which is definitely a good stick, just not sold with a good game. Interesting mechanics such as slow-motion have been included to give the game a new unconventional mechanic to mix things up a bit. unfortunately this ability has a seemingly unlimited supply, turning a face paced flight combat game into the slowest dogfight of all time. While at first the player may feel like they’re in the matrix and use this new-found power to no end, soon they’ll be begging to wake up. The only reason a player won’t spam slow motion is because it means the game takes longer to finish.

Damage inc is a strong attempt at creating an arcade/simulation flight game, however its low budget look with poor acting and graphics make the game feel borderline unfinished. To any enthusiasts this game may be worth checking out for its interesting take on the genre. While to all others, I recommend you fly right pass this one

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