Orcs Must Die 2 Review

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Orcs Must Die 2 is a sort-of tower defence game where the player also controls a character helping the traps kill the sometimes unending swathes of grizzly creatures, ranging from Earth Elementals to generic orcs. The experience is largely enjoyable, but as with many tower defence games it can get slightly repetitive.

If you’ve played Orcs Must Die, then you will notice the graphics haven’t changed much and you may notice little recurring parts in maps, but that does not take away from the fact that the gameplay at first is nearly addictive. I didn’t know before playing Orcs Must Die that laying down traps and shooting crossbows at enemies would be so much fun, and this game has come back with even more traps and even more weapons, making disposing of orcs truly enjoyable.

The upgrade system has been overhauled letting you specialize how you spend your skulls. Each trap will have two unique and one levelled upgrade, so you can enhance your spikes to make enemies bleed after getting stabbed and reset faster. The variety of traps has also increased with a type: guardians. Guardians are like assistant npcs, for example, the dwarven guardian, will hurl bombs at incoming enemies and slash at them when they get close. This really allows you to customize your experience so you can go all out with traps and do little yourself, do it all without traps or somewhere in between. The gameplay largely consists of this, either laying traps or shooting at incoming enemies with you staff.


In this game, we now have two main protagonists, the same loveable war-mage, who has since fallen on hard times working in a dwarven mine, and a certain sorceress who you will be familiar with if you have played the first game. You can battle as either one of them, but the real enjoyment comes from playing the game in co-op. Sometimes, during single player the levels just seem to go from easy to hard very quickly and then back to easy again, playing in co-op seems to negate this problem, whilst making the experience more enjoyable also.

In conclusion, the gameplay is very solid, however after facing about 30 waves it can get a bit tedious. Though despite of this I keep on coming back to it as it is just so satisfying collecting all those skulls and destroying all those orcs!

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