New Super Mario Bros. 2 promises solid gold fun!

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You know what it’s like, you wait for one new Mario game and then two come along at once! Fresh from unveiling New Super Mario Bros. U at this year’s E3, Nintendo is gearing up for the release of its latest adventure featuring everyone’s favourite plumber on Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL.

But what can fans and gamers expect from New Super Mario Bros. 2? Is there anything fresh and exciting to whet the appetite of us all and give us some fresh challenges to look forward to? Well, it certainly seems so. But the most interesting of them all must be that for the first time, you’ll be able to collect as many as one million coins!

This is a first for the Mario series, as coins have always been an important part of the gameplay, but have never before represented such a focussed challenge for players to go after. We predict there will be a mad rush to be the first gamer to complete the game with all of the coins safely tucked away, but it could be some time before this actually is achieved so there better be some other decent options to keep us coming back for more until then.

One thing that has been discussed by Nintendo is a new feature is the Coin Rush mode. This option generates three random courses for the player – selected from the stages that they have already completed – and gives them just the one opportunity to finish them back-to-back. With only a single Mario to get through these three levels and each time having to face three different and randomly selected levels certainly could give the game a certain amount of longevity – especially knowing that with just one mistake the round will be all over!

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