The Dark Knight Rises: Alternate Review

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The epic end of the Dark Knight trilogy finally came out onto the big screen last week. On the 19th of July 2012, The Dark Knight Rises was released in cinemas everywhere in the world; no country had priority over the movie. This movie was easily one of the biggest releases of the year. Although it was expected to be amazing, was it really? The answer is yes. The Dark Knight Rises was easily one of the easiest movies I have ever had to review: five out of five.


The Dark Knight Rises inculcated the rest of the trilogy into the movie. It had many parts, which were in specific coagulation to Batman Begins and to The Dark Knight. Even for someone who has not seen the first two movies, it is still a stunner and will leave people amazed. The main protagonist in this movie was of course, Batman or by his civilian name, Bruce Wayne; the antagonist, a man who calls himself Bane. When the movie starts, Bruce Wayne is actually in retirement and has not been the Batman for a very long time. A young man comes to him and tells him how Gotham City needs Batman now more than ever, and thus, the dark knight rises once again to take to the streets of Gotham to protect its citizens. Although most people only expected to have Bane in it as the only real villain, it came as a surprise to most when the Scarecrow showed up for his third appearance in the trilogy, thus making him an official reoccurring character. But do not be fooled, The Dark Knight Rises has many villains, some, more harmful than others. Other reoccurring characters include Lucius Fox, the man behind Batman’s gadgets and equipment, also the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Alfred, the beloved butler who has been with the Wayne family longer than Bruce Wayne himself has been, and of course the all important Commissioner Gordon, one of the only cops on the street who isn’t crooked, a blessing in a town like Gotham.


The Dark Knight Rises is a movie that has truly inculcated everything it has promised over the time it has taken for it to become a trilogy remembered by all. The movies action, a perfect amount with not too much to ruin the fun, the humor in small doses which keeps the audience going but at the same time, the serious and slightly dark tone it has to show the audience how everyone truly does have that dark part inside of them, wanting to help yet not able to get it out and fulfill what they dream of doing, and in Bruce Wayne’s case it was to stop the corrupt and to stop the evil, he being one of the only people to really do as he has wanted to. The Dark Knight left Bruce Wayne devastated as he lost the only love of his life, his childhood love, and his first love, Rachel Dawson. In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, although as odd as it sounds, finds a sort of relationship. With him finding this relationship through Batman, Bruce Wayne never had a part to play in it from the start. Rachel Dawson told Batman, “When Gotham doesn’t need Batman anymore is when you and I can be together.” In the stunning and nothing short of epic conclusion to this Batman Trilogy, Batman has a choice to make. For only one can truly be if it is to be a whole. Bruce Wayne must finally decide whether he wants to be, Bruce Wayne, or if he needs to be, Batman.


This movie will not come short of your expectations. It surpassed mine profusely and still has me speechless at just how truly thrilling it was. The Dark Knight Rises is not a movie to miss, it is one of the few movies where people can really walk out of a movie theatre, and be happy with what they have just paid for, and walk away with a truly mind boggling sequence of events going through their heads. The Dark Knight Rises will not disappoint. The Dark Knight Rises is truly the perfect ending to one of the world’s favorite and best trilogies ever known. Batman.


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