The Last of Us – Preview

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Naughty Dog have progressed along way as developers, from the early days of Crash Bandicoot in 1996 to the creation of household names Jak and Daxter to the more recent Uncharted series in 2007. They have earned the reputation of producing some of the best story orientated games of this generation through there elaborate plots and ambitious titles. The last of us looks to be no exception. This PS3 exclusive is a genre-defining experience with elements of both action and survival to tell a character driven story of two survivors, Joel and Ellie, fighting off other survivors in the remains of the united states after being decimated by a modern-day plague. The  two protagonists create a contrast in personality that seemingly works very well. Joel, a ruthless survivor with proficiency in combat and survival and his companion Ellie, a brave intelligent teenager both have to work together to survive the harshness of the city.

The game features extremely impressive graphics, which are to be expected with Naughty Dog, but also incredible interactions between the protagonist and the NPCs. At one point during the live E3 demo Joel was caught in a fire fight with several enemies. After the player gunned him way through them only one man was left. As Joel tries to fire, his gun sounds off a click, signifying an empty clip. While usually this would encourage no response from the NPC, in The last of Us the enemy exclaims maliciously “I know that sound”  and begins advancing on the protagonist with his weapon raised. Another instant straight after Joel constructs a molotov cocktail with items in his inventory (a mechanic that will likely play a large roll in the game) and throws it at an unsuspecting victim. The man screams as he is burnt to death and Ellie cries “Holy s#*t Joel” Horrified at her companions actions. Both these instances take place outside a cinematic or scripted event showing the remarkable feature of Naughty Dog in making dialogue exchanges so relevant to the action without being scripted.


The representation of the city is done incredibly, and is similar to that of I am Legend but with more plants. It carries the same feel as Fallout’s post apocalyptic setting in that civilisation has fallen and has reverted back to its most primitive form, there is seemingly nowhere left untouched by the plague as carnage is present everywhere and the damage is visible on almost everything in the frame. You can definitely expect a dark and desolate setting for The Last of Us and only time will tell if game lives up to its hype. Either way one thing’s for sure, that it was by far one of the more impressive games shown at E3 this year. More information will be added all the way up to its release



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