Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time PS vita announcement

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The critically acclaimed Sly Cooper franchise makes its debut on the playstation 3 with Thieves in time. Claiming to have maps twice the size of its predecessor aswell as completely re-designed characters and real-world physics allowing for a more realistic experience. The game is developed by Sanzaru Games, the same studio behind the Sly Cooper HD collection, so it is clear that it is good hands. The most unusual announcement however is, for the first time ever, a cross save function between the ps3 version of the game and the ps vita version. Taking Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the go, as well as showing the first game to take full advantage of the ps vita’s ability to interact with the playstation 3. In terms of gameplay Thieves in Time stays true to Sly Cooper’s signature style of stealth, exploration and cartoony combat and promises epic boss battles, puzzles, action packed missions and much more. Though the question is will the ps vita be able to keep up with the ps3 graphics and processing power to make this new cross save system a viable development in portable and home gaming, or is it simply a gimmick. The game is set to release this year, so not too long to find out

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