pre-E3 Nintendo presentation

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Though E3 is so very soon, for Nintendo it is not soon enough. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reveals new information for Nintendo’s next-gen console the Wii U right before E3 is set to begin. During this 30 minute presentation many new key changes were revealed:


The Miiverse:

The Miiverse will be seen as soon as the power button is turned on and will act as a social/communication hub for the Wii U. The Miiverse will allow players to share information such as screenshots and also allow messages to be sent during a game. The touch screen allows handwritten notes to be sent, much like the concept behind the 3DS’s swapnote application.






Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad

Another reveal was the final product version of the Wii U gamepad. For the most part the design remains very similar to that of the prototype however there are two key changes. The first is a small square button situated at the bottom left of the gamepad. This mysterious button has been revealed as the tv control button and will allow users to shift the display from a television to the handheld screen enabling portable play. There is also the option of using your Wii U gamepad as a remote control for normal television viewing. The second key change are the new analog sticks. They are now longer and more similar to the Xbox 360’s and PS3’s analog sticks than the Nintendo 3DS-style slider pads, which allows two new buttons to be accessed by clicking the sticks down



The forward facing camera is confirmed to be used for Wii U’s built-in video chat. While the back of the gamepad has been given grips to allow for more confortable hand placement. There is also now access to the internet from the gamepad and can be displayed on the tv.



Does it come in black?


It does indeed. Nintendo’s demonstration trailer reveals a black Ninteno Wii U gamepad bringing the available colours to either black or white and both colours should be available upon launch



The Wii U Pro controller

Last but not least the revelation of a new form of input type that will be much more familiar to console players names the Wii U Pro controller. Sharing many similarities to Microsoft’s’ Xbox 360 controller, this may be an indication of Nintendo trying to gain attention from the more competitive and hardcore branch of gamers





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