Age of Enigma

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Recently released on the Mac App Store is this delightful Game by the French Indie developer;  Casual Box Studio.  Age of Enigma is a casual adventure game that will make you remember why you miss the 2D, point and click, adventure games you used to play so much.
You start of as an average girl; Ashley Reeves having nightmares about a particularly creepy, abandoned house, who for some reason feels the need to go and investigate.  Upon entering she is welcomed by a spirit and informed that to leave she must free six ghosts trapped in an abandoned house. Only by solving the puzzles surrounding each spirit’s unresolved death can players help them find peace.
The game itself seems harmless but I even noticed myself getting creeped out after entering the abandoned house at a certain point you walk up to a door and you know something is going to jump out at you, so I quickly moved on.  Eventually, thinking I was ready to face up to a cartoony ghost jumping at me I went back – I swear to god if I ever see that face in a game again I will take the game back to the store and demand them to pay for my therapist I will need.
The game is designed well and does well to pull you in, whilst it is not the most advance game out there it strangely captures you in the moment and you feel like you may have just met the ghosts yourself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is wonderful and all but the puzzles and mini-games could be tweaked for the more familiar gamer.  Sometimes you make stupid mistakes and have to figure out where you are going wrong but for the most part I found the puzzles to be straight forward and simple to complete. I only found myself getting frustrated when I had to look for missing pieces of some item scattered around and they blended in so well with the environment that I got irritated looking for so long that I would click everywhere hoping to stumble across them.
All in all it is definitely a game I was happy to play and would play again.  It may not have a story-line or as complex puzzles as the old 2D adventure games like Broken Sword, but it did take me back to the days I used to spend days on end figuring that stuff out and I just wish there were more games like this.  I am glad they brought this to the Mac App Store or I for one would never have come across this gem.
iPad version to be released in 2012