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Super Crossfire is a great little shoot em up that takes a lot of inspiration from some of the old classics we all love. The aim of the game is simple, clear each screen of enemies without getting yourself blown to tiny colourful pieces. Sounds simple enough, but it does have one unique hook. Now to start with your ship is located at the bottom of the screen and you can move left and right only, a lot like space invaders. The difference here is that at any point you can warp instantly between the top and bottom of the screen. This allows to to quickly evade incoming fire or attack your enemies backsides.

Of course it’s not made that easy, there’s a decent variety of enemies and you’ll need to approach each differently. Some will shield units around them, others will move to random places every time you warp and others simply have a massive laser beam they fire at you. Graphically it’s quite a pretty game, very colourful, not a great level of detail, but that’s part of the charm. At times though the screen can get very busy with tons of bullets flying all over the place. It also has a fitting electronic soundtrack and decent audio effect to go with all the action.

Control wise it’s quite intuitive, your ship is constantly firing so you don’t need to worry about that. To move left and right you have a left slider in the bottom left of the screen, which takes a little getting used to, but is quite effective. To warp to the other side of the screen simply tap the screen with a second finger while holding the slider. You also got another button in the bottom right for your special weapon. At the end of each batch of levels you’re allowed to upgrade your ship, you can increase it’s speed or shot power/speed. This is essential! Some of the levels are full of enemies and some upgrades will work better than others, depending on the situation, so you need to upgrade wisely.

There are tons of levels to get yourself through, with some larger minibosses and some larger bosses to deal with it’s a real challenge. Thankfully as you progress you collect points which you can use to access the later levels earlier than you would normally be able to. You can also use them to buy extra abilities or little cheats to help you out. For example one ability wipes out enemy fire every time you warp, meaning you’re not throwing yourself into a bad situation, very useful. There is a lso a long list of achievements and of course high score tables.

In short you get a lot for your money here and it’s a lot of fun, great value for money.

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