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Now we all enjoy a good gaming session, for myself I like to sink into a game and forget about the troubles of the world. Escapism is probably quite accurate, but it helps me to relieve some stress.

Unfortunatly not everyone is able to take part in this hobby so many of us have. Games are generally not designed for gamers who may have disabilities and that is where Special Effect come in. They are a charity who aim to enable everyone to be able to enjoy the latest game releases.

What Special Effect Do

As stated over on special effect’s website the majority of games are simply too fast or too difficult for young gamers to play and they help by assisting parents to find out which games they can play and how to adapt games that they can’t play.

They are constantly developing and adapting cutting edge technology in their GamesLab, such as the gaze controlled technology.

By constantly supporting hospitals, hospices and special schools in finding the right lesuire technology for the people who need it most.

Special effect also have a website set up call GameBase, which is there to provide information on the accessibility options of games, it’s very extensive and explains if games have visual/audio aids and what they are and also explains controller re-mapping features.

How Can I Help?

Well there are many ways that you can help. You can make a donation to the charity by visiting their website and clicking “Donate Now” on the right hand side. While on the website make sure you check out the events section, they regularly hold events which you may be able to take part in. Some of you may be familiar with the recent record breaking challenge hosted at EuroGamer.

Special Effect is a fantastic charity enabling everyone to be able to enjoy our common hobby and what is becoming a big part of culture today. Look out for another article explaining how some of the technology they have available is used to it’s fullest.

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