The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay Videos

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So Bethesda have upload a three part twenty minute demo of their much anticipated new entry to the Elder Scrolls saga, Skyrim, including a very handy commentary explaining everything you need to know. If you haven’t seen these yet then make sure you check them out.

Part one focuses on how the team has started from scratch again and shows off the new engine, which looks stunning. Some of the combat is shown here as well, with some brutal kills. You also get glimpses of the menu system and skill tree system all highly detailed. You get to experience how varied the world can be, travelling from a rich forest up a snowy mountain top.

Part two is focused on exploring one of the games many dungeons, you get to see a handful of different weapons and spells at work here, including some of the larger enemies to deal with.

And finally part three gives you a feel for the dragons in the game and how they interact with the world. These look seriously tough!

Skyrim is looking really stunning, with a seriously high level of detail you can tell the amount of work Bethesda has put in, it really shows.

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