Race Illegal Review

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Out now for the iPhone is this nice arcade racer from Apetrus Limited and published by Chillingo and it’s called Race Illegal.

On first impressions the game has some cheesy dialogue and a comparatively low level of detail compared to other similar game, but once you get into it it can get you fairly hooked. First off, it’s very easy to pick up and play, this is not a simulation at all, the game automatically accelerates for you and you steer by tilting the device. You also have a brake pedal down in the bottom right and you can activate NOS by sliding your finger straight up from the middle of the screen or by quickly tilting your device forward. It’s all explained very nicely in a tutorial race and it’s just really easy to pick up.

While the game doesn’t have a great level of detail it does quite stand out when it comes to special effects. There is some fancy lighting effects, motion blur and in fact damage effects that get applied to each car. And when you get into a high speed collision? Well it lets you know about it, a bright red blurry screen that fades slowly back into the race as you recover.

Outside of racing you have plenty of customisations and cars to choose from, if you have the money. You do also get a few different types of events to choose from you can even take part in a drift race, although that does simply involve quickly steering to the left and right most of the time, it does mix things up a bit.

Race Illegal is very accessible and quite a fun racer, even if it does have some strange dialogue in there.

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