Puss in Boots Game Announced

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Coming this winter players will get to experience the charm and flair of this fan favourite character. Puss in Boots is being developed by THQ and the release is due to coincide with the film.

This is going to be released on basically every platform and takes advantage of all the motion control technologies available.

On the Wii it will of course take advantage of the Wii-mote and nun-chuck, allowing you to take part in sword fights and the like.
On the PS3 you’ll be able to use either the controller or the Playstation Move controller.
And on the Xbox 360 you’ll be able to use Kinect to jump right into the fluffy feline’s boots.
Puss will also be making an appearance on the Nintendo DS with an all new plot.

The game promises real time swordplay, which should work well with all that motion technology, and sounds like a fun adventure game with plenty of charm and humor. Have a look at the announcement trailer below.

Look out for Puss in Boots this winter!

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