Logitech Wireless Headset F540 for PS3 and Xbox 360 Combines Voice Chat and Game Audio

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Rechargeable, Multi-Platform Headset Delivers Detailed Stereo Sound.

With the huge success of Turtle Beach headsets, it was inevitable for a new challenger to attempt to take their throne for the gamer’s choice of headset. The Logitech Wireless F540 headset boasts 10 hours of playtime from a fully charged set of rechargeable batteries. They also let you connect up to three audio devices seamlessly, including your Xbox 360 and PS3, to provide you with stereo game audio and voice chat, without the annoying need of getting your foot tangled up in pesky wires.

All the controls you need are right there on the headset, enabling you to independently change voice and game volume levels, along with features you’d come to expect such as being able to mute your microphone. Furthermore, should you wish to switch your console off after a long session of pwning noobs congratulating the other team on winning, and wish to listen to some music from your MP3 player, there’s an input selector, meaning you can switch form console to MP3 player without leaving your ridiculously comfy SuMo chair.

Promising crisp and clear sound, be it voice chat or game audio, the Logitech F540 headset certainly appears to be a good choice, should you wish to get a decent headset for more than one need. Even if the main need you have is to hear footsteps from people in the latest Call of Duty….