Locust Invade London!

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Locust have chosen 12:01 AM BST for an invasion due to significant COG activity at GAME Oxford Street on Tuesday 20 September


With the planet Sera currently on the brink of destruction from Locust and Lambent invasion, it has never been more important to remain unified in the face of adversity.
COG military intelligence suggests that Locust have been seen invading the UK recently. Rumours are that Delta Squad has contained the threat temporarily, by capturing a Locust believed to be part of an advance scout party. Civilians should remain wary in Birmingham and central London, where the invasion is believed to have originated. Locust have earmarked Birmingham NEC on Saturday 17 September during GAMEfest, and Marble Arch in London on Monday 19 September as potential targets.


Civilians that glimpse the Locust, captured or otherwise, should use caution and snap a picture of the enemy and post it to Twitter – using the #Gears3Locust hashtag. In London, Delta Squad’s Dominic Santiago (voiced by actor Carlos Ferro) will be notified and will provide cover at Marble Arch at 0800 hours Monday 19 September.  Gears of War 3 merchandise and Gears of War 3 Vaults from Calibur11 will be awarded to the first who arrive to help stem the Locust invasion with a secret message. To uncover the secret message, keep watch at @tweetbox360 on Twitter.


Early indications suggest that the Locust have chosen 12:01 AM BST for an invasion due to significant COG activity at GAME Oxford Street on Tuesday 20 September. Crowds of potential COG recruits are expected to turn up for induction, with limited edition Gears of War 3 posters signed by the game’s developers, Gears of War T-shirts, Gears of War 3 Vaults, and other memorabilia being given out to recruits on a first come, first served basis. Intelligence also suggests that recruits will have the chance to win one of five Samsung 40” D5520 Smart LED TVs that will be given away on the night.
Be safe, be vigilant, and be strong. Brothers to the end!


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