Gum Drop! Review

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Here we have a new and very cute little game out now for the iPhone. The aim of the game here is to stop your five constantly growing gumdrops from reaching the top of the screen. How you do this sounds fairly simple, each gumdrop has a word written on him, you simply need to touch the corresponding picture in the grid on the right to make him shrink back to his original size.

Hit a picture that isn’t allocated to a gum drop however and they all get raised into the air, risking a quick game over. And that’s it! It is an incredibly simple concept, but it does get extremely tough the further you get. The gumdrops start to grow more rapidly and the grids become larger and larger. Generally speaking each grid is also full of the same category of objects as well, so you may need to pick out a tiger from tons of different animals for instance.

You’ve also got an interesting achievement grid as well. You need to aim to get five in a row here and it will increase your clear bonus, so it really is beneficial to aim to get these achievements. You have access to leader boards too so those extra bonuses really do help.

At just 69p Gum Drop! is a really great little puzzle game. There’s not too much to think about, but it is very cute and engaging.


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