Dead Island Preview

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This is Dead Island, an upcoming zombie action game from Techland. Set on a picturesque holiday resort it’s a dark and gritty world inspired by classic zombie movies, so you can expect it to be gruesome and bloody. Now the focus here will be on melee combat and the game will also include a handful of RPG elements, including character development and customisation and a massive selection of weapons. You will also be able to customise your weapons, combining a plank of wood and a nail, oh yes! There are of course much more deadly combinations to be found. There are firearms as well, but they are rare along with the ammunition so you need to make these last.

The entire game is full 4 player co-op, so you can travel around the resort decapitating zombies together or whatever you choose. This also means you have four different characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skill trees. The pace of the game is a little different to other zombie games of late, this is a much slower, more thoughtful experience. You can’t just wade in waving a bat around, you have to take into account your stamina and the durability of your weapon. You’ll have to keep reparing and upgrading weapons if you want to stand a chance as well. Thankfully there is plenty of loot to be found all over the place. There are also plenty of survivors to help so you can expect you and your buds to be kept extremely busy with missions for a long time.

The pacing and atmosphere here should make this an intense experience, this could well set the benchmark for any other zombie survival game to follow. Released on the 9th of September on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

To whet your appetite here is the release trailer, look out for the full review coming soon.


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