Who Wants Some "Deus Ex on the Beach"?

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Independent Gaming bar “Loading” based in Falmouth is pleased to announce its third endorsed Gaming Cocktail, this time paying homage to new Square Enix release  Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 

‘Deus Ex on the Beach’

The cocktail recipe stays true to the classic ‘Sex on the beach’ recipe with Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Orange and Cranberry Juice. This has been augmented with Goldschlager to bring in the iconic  Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘golden shards’

“We’re honoured that Square Enix would allow us to attach their game’s name to this cocktail and are looking forward to creating more”

Since being featured in trade magazine MCV, the bar has secured support from a number of publishers within the industry and can now add this Square Enix creation alongside it’s previous two,  Capcom’s ‘G and T virus’ and  EA’s ‘Tweedle Rum and Tweedle Tea’ which celebrated the anniversary of  Resident Evil  and the release of  Alice Madness Returns

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