Toy Soldier: Cold War Review

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War is incredible. The concept is simple; it’s a turret defense game where you can control the turrets and various other units. The first game was a bit hit and miss for me, as I didn’t really like the WW1 theme. However putting the game into the cold war makes huge sense. As far as I remember, one of my first toys was a G.I. Joe, which fits right into the setting. This makes the setting perfect as it really brings nostalgia of bringing your toys out to play on huge dioramas, and I think that was a driving force for the developers.

Gameplay wise, it hasn’t really changed much from the first game. The same basic send waves and control turret system is here. However one addition is the commando unit, Ivan for the soviets, this is a controllable character with rockets and a machine gun. He adds a unique twist to the gameplay as in multiplayer he can capture point to put down your turrets, this could provide a tipping point in a battle, as whoever owns the middle usually wins.

The graphics are fun and quirky, not in a over the top, look-at-me kind of way, but a nice understated feel which is both serious and laughable at the same time, that’s what the addition of toys does to the game. The loading screens are the toy boxes in which your units are stashed; they are also a bit zany and complement the game very well indeed.

The story revolves around the cold war and what would have happened if the Cold War had escalated. The way the story is delivered isn’t that great; it involves the loading screen filled with words, and I felt a narrator would have improved the delivery.

Multiplayer is very enjoyable, with both online and co-op, and can cause hours of endless enjoyment. However if you are both evenly matched the game could drag on for hours if you aren’t careful. The careful mix of offence and defense is very compelling and makes you want to revisit it often. However this is more suited to someone who wants strategy in their game, because if you don’t have a solid strategy your defense will crumble and your toy box will be ripe for picking. There is also your standard survival game mode, which consists of you surviving endless waves of enemies.

Overall the game improves on the first game significantly, due to the new setting, I feel this makes the game better. If you haven’t tried out Toy Soldiers yet then this game is a must buy.

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