Rocksmith Preview

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Rocksmith is the first ever game to allow its users to use any real guitar, however it is not the first game to use a real guitar, that was Power Gig: The Rise of the Six String. Unfortunately, that game was not well received and you had to use the guitar supplied with the game. Rocksmith, however allows you the freedom to use any electrical guitar you have available. This could be a revolution to the music game genre.

The UI works by letting notes come down the screen and letting your fingers match up to their position and then strumming the note. Rocksmith will also feature gameplay that automatically adjusts to the your skill level, this means that if you’re not hitting too many notes the difficulty will lessen seamlessly and less notes will appear which allows you to hit more notes.

This concept is another way for people to learn a musical instrument as it makes it easy for a beginner to get to grips with learning songs without making them learn tablature. It also include mini-games which aim to help improve your playing as well, like a baseball game where you strum to hit the ball.

The track list is mainly rooted in the rock genre, with such artist like The Rolling Stones and Interpol. However, there should be something for everyone, except those who are into Rebecca Black.

The game is aimed at musicians at all levels be it, beginner or the best guitarist in the world, this is part of the beauty of the game as it tailors to everyone and covers all bases. This is a game which everyone should be looking out for this holiday season as the game releases on October 11th.

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