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The App store already has its fair share of FPS games with good graphics and decent gameplay, but here with RAGE we have something different. Yes, it’s still an FPS. Yes, it does have very pretty graphics, and finally, yes, it does have great gameplay. Can RAGE offer something new to the already over crowded genre of FPS games?

The first time I started up RAGE I found some of the most incredible graphics for an iOS game. The has a very unique look for an FPS, very gritty with a post-apocalypse feel to it. The guns look very good, as do the mutants, especially as they are getting shot!

You have to be careful how you describe RAGE, for example it isn’t your every day FPS game. It is an FPS-on-rails, which basically means that you don’t actually control your character. Instead you are tasked with controlling where he shoots, and you do this with the in built accelerometer and gyroscope. Aiming is quite hard the first time you play, however after a couple of goes you will find the controls absolutely perfect. They gyroscope and accelerometer pick up where you are aiming very well and are fast to react to any changes in direction.

As you run through levels you will see several things littered around, money bags, ammo boxes and targets. These offer different bonuses when shot like additional ammo and extra points. The game also has an active reloading feature, which I think is a really nice addition.

Rage is quite a short game with only 6 levels, each taking about 15 to complete, unless you turn up the difficulty and struggle through the more difficult levels. There is no actual story line in the game, no character development, no additional guns and no final boss. However the game is very well polished and does really entice you for the full console version of it.

So the game does look stunning, but it is very short. There is no multiplayer,however the game does offer GameCenter integration which allows you to compare scores with your iOS gaming buddies which is quite nice. iD have made a fantastic game and it is worth a purchase if you are a fan of FPS games and are looking for something a tad different.

You can purchase RAGE HD for £1.19 from the App Store or RAGE for £0.69.


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