NyxQuest Kindred Spirits Review

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So NyxQuest is kind of a mix between a platformer and a puzzle game. It’s centred around Greek mythology and your character “Nyx” has descended from the heavens to find her friend Icarus. It’s a beautiful story and in fact a really beautiful game. Presentation is top notch, and the audio track is outstanding as well. It really provides a great atmosphere for the game.

Gameplay wise you’ve got your standard left, right and jump buttons located at the bottom of the screen. You can actually perform five jumps without touching the floor (Nyx does have wings after all) and you can also glide by holding the jump button. All very simple and accessible. As you progress through the game you can interact with objects around you, for example you can move some blocks around by simply dragging them around on screen. Using these abilities you can make platforms for Nyx to continue, you can even use these abilities to throw fireballs at enemies. The only downside about this is that sometimes I wanted to move a block or interact with an object that’s sitting in the lower corner of the screen, which resulted in me jumping on the spot a few times. This isn’t a massive downside of the control system though and it doesn’t take long before throwing fireballs around and moving platforms that Nyx is currently standing on all becomes second nature.

The combination of traditional platforming mixed with being able to interact directly with object in the world opens up a lot of options and in fact create some very clever level designs. Need to get higher to another level? Just jump on a podium and raise it up until you can reach. It’s not always completely obvious what to do and it does provide a decent challenge. On top of just being able to make it though the levels there are some collectibles for you to find for an added bonus.

NyxQuest is great game, mixing platforming and puzzle elements, it’s a unique and enjoyable experience. The game is available now on the app store and if you’re quick you can grab it for the super cheap price of 69p. Absolutely worth it.

Check out the trailer and a handful of screenshots below.



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