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Many of you iOS users would have already experienced the brilliance that is Fruit Ninja. If you haven’t had the chance to do that then don’t fret, Halfbrick has made a version of the game for Xbox 360 Kinect. When Fruit Ninja Kinect was first announced I was extremely excited by the prospect of chopping fruit up on my TV in HD.

Fruit Ninja is a game with a very simple premise, use your hands to cut as many fruits as you can. Fruit is launched upwards and you are tasked with slashing all of it before it falls of the screen. You are rewarded bonus points for cutting multiple fruits in a single slice. There is a bit more to the game than simply shredding fruit. There are five modes, Classic, Arcade, Zen, Co-op Arcade and even versus, in which to precisely split apart many fruit.

Classic Mode gets you chopping as many fruit as possible before you let three fruit drop, or slice a game-ending bomb. Arcade and Co-op Arcade are set to a timer with special fruit thrown up which change the game up, such as freeze fruit and double point bananas. Zen Mode is the simplest, just you versus the fruit, you are given 90 seconds to cut up as much fruit as possible with no risks what so ever. Split-screen Versus sees you cutting up fruit of the same colour as your body, this works really well until one of you gets competitive and accidentally connects with your opponents face, this may have happened to us once or twice!

Fruit Ninja Kinect also includes a Challenge Mode. This means the moment you start-up the game you will be presented with an option to beat a score set by someone on your friends list. I really liked this feature as it meant I could just jump in and go beat someone’s record without fussing about with any settings.

Fruit Ninja Kinect may be the cheapest Kinect title as of yet, but it still includes the standard Kinect features that every Kinect enabled title should contain, such as auto calibration if you move too close or too far from the Kinect sensor, as well as displaying your shadow constantly on the screen so that you can see which fruit you are slicing.

I did find the menus a bit clunky at first, however after a couple of games it seemed to not matter any more as I was enjoying the game too much to care for which mode I was playing.

All in all Fruit Ninja Kinect hit all of my expectations and even exceeded a few! I would say that this game is a must buy for any Kinect owner.

You can download Fruit Ninja Kinect from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MS.

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