Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

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Call of Juarez: The Cartel is an interesting game, not one to play but one to look back and say, “ Was that really how people played games in 2011?” This is because if you compared Call of Juarez to any game made last year, it would lose the comparison by a country mile.

The single player starts, with you shooting, while being driven in a car. No reason why you’re shooting until later, and with no instructions, CoJ takes throwing you into the deep end a little too far. My character wasn’t appealing either. As far as I could tell his name was Eddie and he worked for the DEA. However he couldn’t trust his partner because she was FBI, and the other guy was a sheriff, add to this Ed takes confiscated drugs and sells them on, and takes some as well. This all adds up to a character with whom you can’t sympathise with and frankly don’t want to play as.

The gameplay is standard, with a few tweaks. “Y” on Xbox is reload, which I found quite jarring as I normally associate it with changing weapons. This was compounded by the fact that I couldn’t change the controls to the setup, which I am used to. However other than that, it is very generic.

The multiplayer seems to be better with a nice lobby system where you and your team relax and shoot down a firing range, and compete who gets the best score, this is quite fun as you can go around in your office and have a little fun. Multiplayer is standard fare and there are no fireworks in the department, there is a partner system, where when your partner is close to you, your health increases. However this irritated me because you also go into last stand if your partner is near you, which really annoyed me.

The graphics are poor. There isn’t much more to say, the menu layout looks dark and decrepit and reeks of last-gen. It all looks bad and I guess it drives you into playing the game quicker instead of looking at the menus. However, the graphics in the game aren’t much better and the whole experience is very disappointing.

Overall I expected a lot more of the game and it didn’t really deliver much. This game has set the new standard for bad games, as it is genuinely the worst game I have ever played for a very long time.

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