Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

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So here we have Anomaly Warzone Earth, which itself is a bit of an anomaly. A self proclaimed reverse tower defence game, or tower attack game.

You get to play the invading force this time round. It’s a great idea and really works quite well. At the start of each game you purchase units for your invading force, each have different abilities and attacks. Then you select the route your force will take, a very simple process of tapping on a corner to set which way to travel from there. Then you start the game, you’ll get a handful of power ups you can use to cause additional damage or repair your units and others, you get to use these in real-time by just tapping which power up and selecting where you want it on screen. You can pause the action at any time and head back into the strategic view to update your route and you can even buy additional units after that start of the game.

Each mission you head through has a different objective, whether it be simply to clear a particular area or collect items laid out through the battlefield. It means you have to plan your route carefully and make the most of your power ups. There are additional challenges for each mission as well to give you something else to complete and a few difficulty levels, so plenty to think about when running through a mission.

There’s some great presentation in this game, the strategic view gives you an excellent overview of everything on the battlefield and fades smoothly into the actual game. It’s very easy on the eyes in this area too, when it’s in motion there’s plenty going on, planes swooping past, power ups being dropped in. It certainly feels like a warzone.

Anomaly Warzone Earth is out now for the iPhone and iPad on the app store. An interesting idea with great execution, which proves to be a really enjoyable game. For now, here’s the official trailer and some screen shots.


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