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Anyone familiar with the original DrawRace should feel at home with this one, but there are a ton of new features for you to explore.

For those not familiar, the concept behind DrawRace is that before the race you drag a path around the track that your car will follow, you’ll need to move slower for your car to slow down or brake for the corners and move faster for your car to accelerate. After you’ve finished drawing out your path the race starts and you get to see the result of your attempted path. It sounds like a simple concept, but it takes some practice before you learn what speeds you’re able to move and how agile the cars are. Speaking of which there are several disciplines to take part in. You have the choice of stock cars, formula, rally, arctic rally and V12 super cars. All require you to adjust your driving style get the most out of each class. Thankfully if you fall behind you get a turbo boost, which recharges fairly regularly, so if you happen to be quite heavy handed like myself you should still be in with a chance.

On my hands on I got to try a few different game modes. I tried an arctic rally first, where I placed last. I wasn’t slowing down enough for the corners here and my car kept sliding around, almost coming to a standstill. After that I tried a formula oval track, this was much more successful, with the use of the boost button managed to come away with the win. Now that my confidence was high I took on one of the balloon challenges. These involve you firstly trying to win the race and secondly to collect as many of the balloons placed around the track as possible. I lost here, but I did collect nearly all the balloons, I like to be thorough. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the game here, but hopefully you’ve got an idea of the variety in the game.

The game itself is actually huge, you’ve got tons to unlock. There’s 180 career challenges and a gymkhana skill game to keep you occupied and with 32 tracks and 16 unique cars I dare you to get bored of this lot. Even if you do manage to master that lot there’s plenty of multi player features to keep you busy. The game has leader boards integrated into the game, in fact if one of your friends manages to beat one of your times the game notifies you. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition. You can also set friend challenges and you even have a hot seat multi player game mode for 2 to 4 cars.

This game is a lot of fun and you certainly get a lot of content, whether you’re a fan of the first or not, you should check this out. Due for release sometime this July on iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

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