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I recently got the opportunity to demo a handful of games from Chillingo and one title really stood out for me, Contre Jour.

I think what initially stands out for me is the games visuals. It’s very simple and in some instances it can look very similar to Limbo, however it changes as you progress through the worlds and provides a different appearance. You’re also given a fantastic music score that just allows you to immerse yourself completely. It also helps that ‘Petit’, your little black orb, has quite a few expressions, you almost don’t want to put the little guy through anything reckless, almost.

The concept of the actual game itself sounds incredibly simple, you need to get Petit to the exit of the level, while picking up any small glowing blue orbs on the way. Now you don’t get to have any direct control over Petit at all, but you can manipulate the ground around to make him roll in the desired direction, this is done by using you finger to simply stretch the ground. You’ll also have things like string and elastic you can attach to him. Later on you can blast him into the air by using air pockets. It does sound incredibly simple, yet it’s addictive and the clever level design means it’s not as simple as it makes out.

I only got to spend a small amount of time trying this out, but I loved it. Such a clever, beautiful game and the ability to manipulate the ground is an interesting hook that works well. And with 60 levels to play through it should keep you occupied for some time.

Contre Jour is due to be released imminently (July) on the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad, keep a look out for this gem on the app store.

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