Huge MapleStory Update Coming Out

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The guys at Nexon are preparing to launch the biggest MapleStory update ever. MapleStory is one of the biggest free to play mmorpgs in the world with over two million europeans playing the game since its 2007 launch date.Moreover, it has been around for much longer , in South Korea where it first started in 2003, and has got an even bigger audience worldwide of around 100 million players.

The update is called “The Big Bang,” and promises to be the largest single update any MapleStory fan has ever seen. It will be released in three stages, the first on the 21st of July, the next two weeks after that and then the final update another two weeks more. this update will be the the most memorable change to MapleStory, and the fans won’t forget it

New maps, a completely redesigned interface and skill system, an updated combat formula and easier leveling are just some of the big amount of changes, MapleStory players will face this summer. The focus was to help as many players as possible experience the varied content of MapleStory that Nexon developed the last 5 years and some of the new stuff as well.

This is what Sungjin Kim, the CEO of Nexon Europe had to say about it: “We are very pleased to announce that Big Bang is coming in less than a month. With the Big Bang update, users will experience a whole new MapleStory with plenty of fun and joy and we hope our dear Maplers will indulge themselves to MapleStory during this summer season”

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