Hellbreed Enters Closed Beta

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Hellbreed is a game where the player can choose between three character classes, Warrior, Huntress and Siege Master, each of which provides a unique gaming experience. Your quest entails reuniting the world of Manjuri, which has been smashed into fragments by the gods. The player sets forth on a quest on their own or with friends to find the legendary Well of Worlds. The game uses the  newly-developed Phire 2.5D engine and has a  orchestral soundtrack specially composed for the game, Hellbreed  promises to “set new standards in graphics and sound in the field of browser games.”

The title is currently in development at the German studio Inflammables and is just now entering an exciting phase. While Hellbreed was just recently announced for other territories by publisher Gameforge, hopes have been high for the start of the beta in UK and the feedback from the players. “When a project into which you’ve put so much love, sweat and tears is seen by the gamers for the first time, the tension is of course always enormous”, said Jan Piotrowski, Product Director at Gameforge. Community Manager Stephan Kieslinger added that “everyone who has seen the game to date has been enthuiastic about it. I’m sure our players will see it in the same way”.

Watch out as we may be getting some codes to give away!

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