Hellbreed Beta Key Giveaway

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As you guys know , from our article here, Hellbreed has entered a closed beta phrase. Luckily, the developers of Hellbreed have decided to grant us 100 beta keys for everyone who comments on this post with a sentence, which explains why they deserve a key. To enter you must also have a twitter account to retweet the following statement

[box_dark] Win a Hellbreed beta key, RT and follow @gamevolution_uk and visit  http://bit.ly/rnPnEY for your chance to win[/box_dark]


Enterants must have a valid e-mail account and GamEvolution reserves the right to change the rules of this competiton at any time. The decision of GamEvolution is final.

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6 Comments to Hellbreed Beta Key Giveaway

      • Hi

        You recently entered our giveaway for a HellBreed beta key.

        I am pleased to say that you have been granted a key by the developers.

        To confirm you still want the key please reply whenever you can and I will send you the key.



        Yes i still want the key xD 😛

        couldnt get a key from anywhere so please send it >.<