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Driver: San Francisco promises to return to the roots of the genre, with John Tanner from the original game. What’s also promised is a recreation of the whole car chase experience and with over 100 licensed cars included in the game, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of my favourite motors and throw them through the back alleys of San Francisco.

Ubisoft have recently announced a handful of new features that will be included in the game. The most interesting of which is the SHIFT feature. The story behind this ability is after Tanner recovers from a horrific crash he discovers he can instantly change vehicles and take take control. That sounds a bit strange, but this is essentially removing the experience of wrecking your car and walking around on foot trying to find a decent car to get back into the action with.

Also recently announced is that there will be nine multi player modes, there will be both on-line and offline split-screen multi player in the game as well. The SHIFT feature is actually also used here, so that should make the game play much more exciting. It’s always frustrating falling behind and having to try and catch up, this should allow you to always be involved in the game. Hopefully the ability is balanced correctly and still makes the modes competitive, we’ll have to wait and see what games modes are included when they’re announced.

Some of the details of the collectors edition have also been revealed. This is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will include:

  • A high quality replica of the hero car from the game. A 1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi R/T Six Pack
  • A map of San Francisco detailing the in game location of the 80 dares scattered around the city
  • Two exclusive in-game vehicles (Yet to be announced)
  • The “Mass Chase” challenge: A wrongfully accused driver attempts to escape the whole police force of San Francisco and prove his innocence

And there are even more features yet to be announced.

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