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D.A.R.K is a new shooter game released by Chillingo last week. D.A.R.K’s story is about you trying to escape your ship, which was hit by an asteroid, and has become filled with zombie. As unrealistic as this sounds video games are all about using your imagination so we decided we would have a look at D.A.R.K in a very futuristic manner.

To say that D.A.R.K is a twin shooter slightly undersells it. The combat sequences involve using the left virtual stick to move and the right stick to shoot but there’s a bit of exploration available too. D.A.R.K is unfortunately pretty linear with players mostly finding themselves going from room to room fighting set waves of enemies but it’s still quite fun. Shooting is pretty easy to get to grips with thanks to D.A.R.K offering a form of lock on system thus making it easy to hit the right target. There’s also the addition of a roll button, bizarrely placed above the fire button, but I never really found cause to use it.

To add further interactivity, D.A.R.K provides a simple upgrade system. Experience is gained through killing enemies with a levelling up system allowing players to boost their health, regeneration, speed and power. Shops also allow for new weapons and armor to be purchased and upgrades to be acquired. A decent scattering of weapon types is available too with the inclusion of the likes of flamethrowers and lasers.

It’s the prospect of a compelling story that would have made all the difference for D.A.R.K but alas there isn’t one to be seen here. Instead a loose and fairly uninspired story provides the backdrop for this game. It’s not the end of the world as the game is still fun and provides a few key atmospheric moments but it does feel like a lost cause.

D.A.R.K can be bought on the app store for £1.79 for iPhone and iPod.

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